Submissions Policy

Submissions Policy Date – updated as at: 12 July 2013*



1.1 If you would like to submit an article or other content for publication on StoryGuru, please read this policy page first.
1.2 Submissions may be published on this site and/ or used or reproduced in any other publication, media or via any other form of dissemination (“the Works”).

Submissions Policy

2. Articles may be up to a maximimum of 800 words and must be relevant to the topic that the invitation relates to. Text submissions should be contained in an email in simple formatting so I can copy and paste it for publication. Mixed media content should be uploaded onto a hosting site arranged by you at your own cost with only the embed code sent to me for publication. The word “submission” is used here to refer to text articles, mixed media and any other content as relevant submitted by you.
Regarding style and content:
2.1 Read the articles and/ or view the mixed media content already on the site to get a sense of the tone and feel of StoryGuru
2.2 Generally, the focus is on exploring what makes a rich and fulfilling life through practical tips, ideas and personal stories and the aim is to build a supportive community of thinkers and seekers in a spirit of inquiry and mutual respect. Please note that a key principle of StoryGuru is a secular and liberal outlook with a celebratory view of diversity and gender & gay equality.
2.3 I will consider creative mixed media (eg visual art, video or audio) as well as poetry and other short narrative text pieces but generally, I do not accept fiction unless by special invitation.
3. Please also provide your full name, email address and your website (if any), together with a description of who and where you are eg. Jenny Lee, 36, a freelance illustrator in York, UK. The description can be like the “About the Author” paragraph in a book – this is so that readers can get a sense of who you are and your context.
3.1 In the spirit of community, your full name and description (but not your contact details) will be attributed to your published article or content.
3.2 Anonymous submissions or those without contact details will be automatically ignored.
4. I will consider submissions and decide if an entry is suitable for StoryGuru. This is my personal blog and my decision is final in all matters. I may edit the article or content and/ or ask you to edit or make amendments to it for clarity, relevance and appropriateness to the theme of this site as outlined in 2 above.

Release Notice

5. By submitting an article, mixed media or other content, you warrant and agree that:
5.1 the information you give about yourself is true and accurate
5.2 I have sole discretion whether or not to use your submission
5.3 where I do use your submission, I may use and edit it for any purpose (without distorting its meaning) with attribution to you
5.4 you give consent for my use of your submission as per 5.3 and 1.2 and confirm that such use does not infringe any copyright or any other rights you may have in the submission
5.5 you also warrant that nothing contributed by you infringes the copyright or any other rights of any third party or is defamatory or infringes the right of privacy of any third party
5.6 you are making your submission as a volunteer and you are not entitled to any payment or any financial or other benefit from this site, the Works or any other source in relation to your submission
5.7 I accept no liability or responsibility to you or any other person for any claims, consequences, damages or other action arising from or relating to the publication of your submission on this site and/ or the Works
6. No payment will be made for your submission. I hope that you will submit your content in a community spirit and enjoy it being viewed by the StoryGuru global audience via this site and/ or the Works
7. In return, I would ask that you link to StoryGuru (if you have a website) or refer potential readers to this site to help me build a creative community. The link is

Views expressed on this site and in the Comments sections

8. The views expressed by guest writers, content creators and other persons on this site and/ or in the Comments section of any post published on this site are entirely their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Yang-May Ooi or StoryGuru.

How to submit your article/ content

You can email your article or link / embed code to your mixed media content by using the “Contact me”  link at the top right of this website.
*For guest articles or content submitted prior to the above Submissions Policy Date, if these changes are not what you expected, please let me know and I would be happy to take your guest article and/ or content offline.

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