Contributors Release Notice

This Contributors Release Notice is addressed to anyone who has very kindly offered to contribute to my book(s), writings, publications, multimedia and other knowledge products whether digital, electronic, on CD or DVD or in print (“Works”).

Please read the Contributors Release Notice below.

Contributors Release Notice


Where I use your contribution expressly in the Works, I aim to include a written acknowledgement of your contribution either in the text, as a footnote or in the acknowledgements section of the relevant Work.

I am required for the purposes of publication and dissemination of the Works to give this standard release notice to anyone contributing to the Works via email, correspondence, writing, interview, discussion, podcast, video, online or offline or other means (“contribution”)

By making a contribution to the Works, you are agreeing to the following:

1. the information you give about yourself is true and accurate
2. I have sole discretion whether or not to use your contribution
3. where I do use your contribution, I may use and edit it for any purpose (without distorting its meaning) in the Works including use in any other publication, media or any other form of dissemination online or offline
4. you assign to me all your copyright in your contribution and give consent to me for use of your contribution
5. you also warrant that nothing contributed by you infringes the copyright or any other rights of any third party or is defamatory or infringes the right of privacy of any third party
6. you are making your contribution as a volunteer and you are not entitled to any payment or any financial or other benefit from the Works or any other source in relation to your contribution or any publication or dissemination of it whether on this site or in any other media online or offline
7. No payment will be made for your contribution.

The reason for this Release Notice is to clarify the terms and conditions of your contribution and to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the Works as well as to make sure that the rights of others are not infringed.

I hope, however, that as a contributor, you will appreciate the exposure and recognition that may be derived from being quoted and referenced in the Works.

Thank you for considering contributing to the Works and for your understanding about these publication and dissemination requirements.

Yang-May Ooi
Author, StoryGuru and related Works

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