TEDx Talk, Dec 2013

Yang-May’s TEDx talk “Rebel Heart: How Small Acts of Rebellion Can Create Powerful Change” closed the TEDxCoventGardenWomen conference Dec 2013. Her talk has been described as “electrifying” and “one of the best and most moving talks at a TEDx event”. It gave the audience an iconic phrase and brought them to their feet to shout it out as a rallying cry: “F*** the Labels!” Yang-May is currently developing a book that explores in more depth the ideas and themes from this TEDx talk – you can join the Facebook page to follow the discussion at www.RebelHeartBook.co.uk.


What the TEDx audience said:


“One of the best and most moving speeches I have ever heard at TEDx.” Clare Jones, Inspiring the Future

“Beautiful, touching, heartwarming. An absolutely electrifying finale to TEDxCoventGardenWomen!” Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Ginger Public Speaking

“Amazing!” Kate Mosse, author

“It was one of the best TEDx talks I’ve ever seen. Even the modulation of your voice and timing was perfect… Touched the bottom of my heart.” Vincent Leleux, Energy Healer & Coach

“An inspirational rebel” Plamena Plehnivanova, Education Consultant and RSA Associate

“You have inspired me to take my speaking to the next level, Yang-May – superb storytelling.” Beverley Glick, Human Potential Coach & Story Archaelogist

“Yang-May just broke and re-made my heart. Love as an act of rebellion indeed.” Alexander Lyon, Storytelling Freelancer & Feminist Thinker

“An amazing and endearing speaker.” Kiran Kaur Nandra

Also “heartwarming”, “beautiful story”, “I was teary eyed”… and more

And Twitter was aflurry with the iconic phrase from Yang-May’s TEDx talk: “F*** the Labels!”



*comments from Twitter edited for readability but without changing the sense

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Yang-May Ooi is a creative artist whose work explores the transformational power of personal narrative. She has been an award-winning TEDx speaker, bestselling author and acclaimed story performer. Her sell out solo story performance, Bound Feet Blues, was showcased in London's West End in Oct 2014. to 4+ Star reviews. The show returns to the Tristan Bates Theatre for a 3 week run in Nov 2015 - see www.BoundFeetBlues.co.uk

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