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Do you believe in ghosts? – or, Reframing the Myth of Success

Success means a big job, big house, big title – or does it? Chasing the conventional myth of success can make us ill – and even kill us. What if we could redefine success in a way that is more Continue Reading »

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The Magic of Rainbows – or, How to get out of a Bad Mood

We can often find ourselves caught up in a bad mood because we may be tired or fed up or both. That bad mood can infect everything else and give us a jaundiced view of other people or our situation. Continue Reading »

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Slaying Our Inner Dragon – How to Overcome Fear and Anger

We can be paralysed emotionally by unspoken fear, hurt or anger. These unacknowledged emotions can affect everything we do and infect our relationships with the people we love. This children’s story is a touching – and also funny – parable Continue Reading »

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