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Rebel Heart: “F*** the Labels!” – What an Inspiring TEDx Talk Can Do

TEDxCoventGardenWomen closed with the audience rising up as one and shouting the iconic phrase “F*** the Labels!” from my closing TEDx talk. Here is the story of how it happened.

The audience rose to their feet at the end of Continue Reading »

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The Magic of Rainbows – or, How to get out of a Bad Mood

We can often find ourselves caught up in a bad mood because we may be tired or fed up or both. That bad mood can infect everything else and give us a jaundiced view of other people or our situation. Continue Reading »

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Stories can Change your Life

Stories can change our lives – and change history. People tell us stories about countries they’ve been to, full of riches and promise. They tell us about how they have changed their lives in some way and how much happier Continue Reading »

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The Power of Stories

Welcome to StoryGuru! Here’s what this site is all about:

Stories shape who we are and how we view the world. The stories we tell about our lives and about others can empower us – or limit us. If we Continue Reading »

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Adapting to Innovation and Change

Innovation disrupts the status quo to create a new way of doing things. And that change can be for the better – or the worse. It depends ultimately on how you look at it and how you deal with it. Continue Reading »

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Yang-May Ooi is a creative artist whose work explores the transformational power of personal narrative. She has been an award-winning TEDx speaker, bestselling author and acclaimed story performer. Her sell out solo story performance, Bound Feet Blues, was showcased in London's West End in Oct 2014. to 4+ Star reviews. The show returns to the Tristan Bates Theatre for a 3 week run in Nov 2015 - see www.BoundFeetBlues.co.uk

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